Web Development Group Sponsors CMF

Web Development Group is proud to sponsor the CMF web training session this Monday held for congressional offices who are looking for ways to use technology to better service their constituents?.
“We are excited to be able to sponsor this event. The Congressional Management Foundation does a fantastic job helping offices better their online offices” said Ab Emam of WDG. We also excited to announce the launch of our “Constituent User Experience” service which is derived from a combination of 4 years of congressional web traffic and CMF recommended content placement.

More Info About the Event:

What You Will Learn:

• 10 things you can do immediately to improve your site’s score;
• Ways to get the rest of your staff involved with maintaining the site;
• Options for meeting constituents’ needs online;
• How to prevent your site from becoming dated and stale; and
• Advice and insight from award-winning staffers.

Who Should Attend:

This program, intended for any staffer interested in learning how to develop and maintain a gold-standard congressional Web site, will provide detailed information about the 111th Congress Gold Mouse Project and this year’s Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Mouse Award winners.

About the Project:

The evaluations of congressional websites for the 111th Congress Gold Mouse Project were conducted in the summer and fall of 2009 through CMF’s Partnership for a More Perfect Union (www.pmpu.org), which is dedicated to helping citizens and Congress communicate more effectively.

About the Partnership:

The Partnership for a More Perfect Union seeks to further our nation’s progress toward “a more perfect union” by fostering the genuine and effective exchange of ideas between Members of Congress and citizens. The Partnership seeks to accomplish this mission by conducting research and education, promoting best practices, and creating innovative tools for everyone with a stake in our government.

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