Congressional iPhone App

We are pleased to announce that the iPhone app we developed in conjunction with iEveryware, Inc. ( for Rep. Mark Steven Kirk has just been approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store. This new app contains the latest news from Congressman Mark Kirk with up to the minute blog posts, press releases, and news article feeds. The app also includes survey questions for the user to fill out and more than 170 videos of the Congressman on C-Span and other media outlets. The survey, which can be updated by the Congressman’s staff, requires the user to include his or her email address which is then appended to the Congressman’s e-newsletter database hosted by WDG. This app has everything an interested citizen, journalist or blogger needs to stay informed.

Later this summer, WDG, in partnership with iEveryware, will make a pre-built iPhone app available to all members that can be tweaked to their own specific needs and then submitted to the App Store. At WDG, we’re always excited to incorporate new custom solutions to our larger web strategies that we offer to our clients. Please contact us today to put your office on our waiting list as we expect demand for this service to be high!

About Web Development Group – WDG is the leading web solutions vendor on Capitol Hill, providing the latest in design, custom application development and content management systems. We are pleased to expand our services to Iphone app development a new component of the dynamic web strategies we build for our clients on Capitol Hill.

About iEveryware, Inc. – iEveryware ( is a leading provider of mobile app solutions for content delivery. iEveryware’s application framework provides a rich set of content delivery features and its content management system allows clients to modify and update their apps whenever, wherever they choose without resubmitting the app to Apple for approval.

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