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The Conquer Cancer Foundation (CCF), located in Alexandria, Virginia, is a non-profit foundation built on the goals of funding research, sharing knowledge and improving the quality and access of cancer care. In an effort to rejuvenate their design, improve user experience and amplify the overall essence of credibility to the CCF site, The Web Development Group was contracted to provide research and discovery, digital strategy, redesign of the website’s information architecture, as well as the design of a completely new and updated Drupal website.

Conquer Cancer Foundation design comp details
Conquer Cancer Foundation infographic design details

Purposeful Design

Designing the initial layout of the Conquer Cancer Foundation website required a thorough process, providing over 20 wireframes. There were many unique, custom considerations to be taken into account for this project, including incorporating a strong message of encouraged donations, and finding avenues early and often that highlight the option to donate, more so than just on the specified donations page. In addition, the complex and abundant nature of the content for the Conquer Cancer Foundation, called for a purposeful approach, where the many different goals of the website were illustrated and delivered independently, but with a clean and consistent design.
Further, the Conquer Cancer Foundation was designed with a mobile-first approach, and thus, the design team created both mobile and desktop wireframes for review. The Conquer Cancer Foundation completed the Drupal development internally, so providing very thorough wire frames that filled in all gaps, was crucial for the seamless completion of this project.

Conquer Cancer Foundation mobile design layer comps

Designing for Donations

The Conquer Cancer Foundation required an emphasis on the design of the donations page, creating a unique opportunity for our designers to depict a sensitive subject with care, all while simultaneously encouraging website viewers to donate; This required a skillful, strategic balance. Everything from the selection of imagery to the style of the buttons used was thoughtfully considered while designing the donations page. Another key element was the elimination of a navigation menu bar on the donations page, apart from the option to return home. This encouraged website viewers to continue navigating the donations page without unneeded distractions via other site content. Presenting the different donating opportunities– such as recurring, one-time donations, or donations in someone’s honor– was also an essential feature, requiring a simple and straight forward design that made for the most intuitive donation process possible.

Designing for donations for Conquer Cancer Foundation

Creating a Seamless Navigation Menu

Another top want and essential factor in the redesign of the Conquer Cancer Foundation’s website was the implementation of an improved navigation menu. The new website is comprised of 23 unique pages; to make page accessibility as easy as possible, the Foundation wanted a user-friendly menu showcasing a clean drop-down of all lower-level pages within their respective content sections. Doing this allowed for viewers to view and click on any of the lower-level pages from anywhere on the site, making it simple to trickle down and access sub-level pages that were previously receiving poor traffic and viewership.

Mobile-First Approach

According to an article published by the Wall Street Journal in 2016, “Fourth-quarter numbers [for PC sales] are lowest since 2007, the year the iPhone was introduced.” We already know that mobile and tablet use is on the rise while desktop is on the decline. It is essential to design a website with the frame of thought that mobile readership challenges, and quite possibly surpasses, that of desktop views. Understanding this, The Web Development Group designed the CCF site with a Mobile-First Approach, creating a responsive site with mobile and tablet design first in mind. With this approach, it is guaranteed that design and functionality will never be sacrificed between viewing platforms, and that viewing the site on a cell phone or tablet offers the same experience as viewing on a desktop.

Myriad of mobile design comps for Conquer Cancer Foundation

Setting the Standard in Interactive Design Proofs

During the creation process, our designers provided The Conquer Cancer Foundation with over 60 different proofs, creating 3 versions (desktop, tablet and mobile) of the 23 unique templates for the site. This method of providing so many deliverables allowed us to guarantee that the client was provided with the most thorough documentation possible, leaving no detail behind. Another distinguishing quality of the proofs provided from WDG to CCF was providing interactive prototypes. As opposed to providing exclusively static images, our designers created animated and interactive proofs that could be viewed and tested on any device, providing a tactile and functional method to preview the site’s content, while giving the client the truest insight into the user experience without writing any code.

Mobile menu interaction details for Conquer Cancer Foundation

Project Completion

After providing research and discovery, digital strategy and design for a new Drupal-powered website, The Conquer Cancer Foundation used their internal source of developers to carry out the vision of WDG’s design and strategy team. Our designers worked with the Foundation’s developers closely to ensure a seamless transition and provided support through the project’s completion.

Measuring Redesign Success

The donation page was used as a standard of measure after the launch of the new CCF site, directly attributing the increase in donations to the redesign of the site, with the mind-frame that more donations indicated a well-received message, increased site functionality, and a clearly depicted mission. After the launch of the redesigned Conquer Cancer Foundation website, donations increased tenfold, with a measurable accession in donations made via a mobile device. Our client successfully gained a significant return on investment within months of the newly launched site. In addition, the rejuvenated design and brand enhancement associated with the site also established a greater sense of credibility and authority to the Conquer Cancer Foundation, influencing the upturn in site traffic and viewership.

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