oardSource is a national nonprofit organization that supports and strengthens nonprofits worldwide through an affordable and scalable membership model focused on board leadership. BoardSource offers unique membership programs, a wide range of diagnostic tools, educational programs, resources and solutions, and consulting services.

Project Mission

BoardSource sought to utilize a redesigned site structure and brand aesthetic to increase membership conversions, promote sales of particular resources, and meet key performance indicators (KPI’s).

What We Did

WDG strategized BoardSource’s site redesign with an improved information architecture, thorough wireframe designs, and an incredible user experience.

Strategizing a Powerful User Experience

WDG’s strategy team began by creating comparative and competitive analysis guidelines that resulted in an updated use of BoardSource’s taxonomy and labeling structures. Our team created a seamless user experience through tailored navigation structures to enable audiences to quickly and efficiently locate relevant resources and information.
BoardSource branding details
BoardSource branding details
BoardSource branding details

Showcasing Resource Capabilities

BoardSource offers numerous resources, guides, white papers, and publications for the nonprofit community. To help increase conversion rates, WDG worked to highlight these products during the redesign. The WDG design team was tasked with reimagining resource design and creating an appealing e-commerce layout. By conducting in-depth research and analytics of industry benchmarks, we created an overall brand guideline with color schemes, imagery, and graphics to emphasize brand reputation.

BoardSource resource library

Designing for Increased Membership

The WDG team designed a dedicated membership block on the site’s new homepage to increase membership generation. WDG pulled focus towards member community benefits within a customized landing page and a table layout designed to showcase different membership options. Through the additional use of color theory, iconography, and a strategic user interface, the WDG design team successfully enhanced the enterprise of BoardSource’s membership plan.

BoardSource promotional content functionality

WDG made web development seem like magic. Traffic has increased 200% since the launch, and all other metrics are trending up. We would not have chosen any other firm for this!

Erin Berry VP Marketing & Communications, BoardSource

Creating Unique Home Page Features

One of the most unique user interface features of this project was the implementation of a custom slidedeck introduction. This feature showcased a set of rotating slides, where each slide snaps into location and then another is revealed shortly in its place. Our innovative slidedeck creation thus prevents scrolling beyond the feature until all slides have been viewed.

BoardSource homepage mockup

Flexible Layout for Internal Build

Our developers coordinated with the internal team at BoardSource to create and implement distinctive pages. Utilizing the WordPress editor, we offered BoardSource admins 20 responsive layout options with customizable styling features, capable of live editing. The WDG development team also created a flexible MegaMenu editor for the multilayered and content-heavy navigation menu. The adaptable design of the menu creates options for various content areas, where products or events can be displayed immediately in the dropdown.

Folger Shakespeare Library flexible content on Drupal

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