The Barnes & Noble Blog, also known as B&N Reads, is a platform for readers and book lovers. The blog is a great resource for discovering your next read and staying updated on the latest in the literary world.

The blog includes sections for trending stories, what the B&N team is currently reading, most anticipated books, new releases, and genre-specific recommendations like horror and fantasy. It also provides updates on awards and book prizes.

With an improved user experience for blog authors and readers, B&N Reads is also integrated with book product APIs to power quick and easy purchases.

For Barnes & Noble we migrated their host of blogs from a legacy platform to a state of the art WordPress build. We leveraged the full functionality of the block editor to modernize publishing workflow on WordPress VIP. 

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Building a Blog for Book Lovers

WDG outlined a migration path and new information architecture to align with CMS updates and accessed their on-prem e-commerce APIs to simplify their e-commerce workflow.

WDG continues to manage their infrastructure and advises on new integration processes.

Barnes & Noble was stuck on their internal infrastructure of an old WordPress version. We laid out a migration path and new information architecture to allow them to move forward and keep pace with WordPress updates. We also worked with their internal team to allow us to access their on prem e-commerce APIs. With these APIs we created block to simplify their e-commerce workflow.

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