A true model of sustainability, this organization has been protecting and preserving our nation’s infrastructure for more than a century. They are prideful advocates continually seeking to change critical industry issues through various publications, programs, and events. The Web Development Group (WDG) found a way to express their passion for the industry while engaging visitors with tailored content.

Wireframes to design for the new Paint.org

Comprehensive Content Indexing

Understanding the needs of this organization’s members, a conversion from Joomla! to WordPress was imperative. WordPress assuredly gave them advanced content customization that was needed for their lengthy printed publications. Our expert team of developers consulted and integrated the new content management system with Salesforce, introducing a new membership community like no other. An added advantage for members was the ability to have a single login that gave access to both systems information. Combining the two platforms added management functionality that is user friendly, cost effective, and less time consuming to maintain.

Their mixed collection of documents required consistent written code to avoid poor retrieval request. Furthermore, we saw the need for a modern designed member-based online archive of their world class research journals. The technology convergence also birthed the implementation of a free online monthly magazine. Previous versions of the magazine were only available in print format. Implementing a digital version at no extra cost to readers increased site traffic and advertising revenue. We indexed previous issues to enhance search engine optimization queries. The transformation now gives this organization searchable and downloadable content.

Secured Member Access

On the reverse side of publicly accessible digital literature, the company also required a secure system that would house member-only content, untraceable from search engines. WDG recommended a solution involving a redesign for secured member portals that would not require additional login procedures after the initial step. After extensive cross-browser testing, our team scripted authentication measures securing the association’s classified information. Their security vulnerabilities were addressed with a new authentication login design. Notable added features include limited login attempts, blacklisting, with a directory of banned IP addresses. Member-specific content is now protected from bots, clickfraud, spam, spyware, and more.

Due to their abundance of data, they also needed a content management system that supported several applications. WDG devised the perfect product with their members specifically  in mind. A refreshing perspective on membership management was achieved with back end support, including security, user-friendly navigation, with sortable geographical data. The combination of custom solutions will allow this organization to expand content and promote member benefits for centuries to come.

About The Web Development Group

At WDG, we deliver results-driven and engaging device-independent online web properties and communities. While our strategy and design teams are platform agnostic, our web development team specializes in open-source technologies, such as Drupal and WordPress. Our clients range from successful startups and Fortune 1000 brands to higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations.

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