AALU’s goal is to strengthen, grow, promote, and advocate for the life insurance community. They are the trusted, influential voice for life insurance and annuities distribution. AALU is an association that provides members with essential tools and services for professional development, networking, and advocacy. 

As an association, AALU needs the capability to better engage and monitor their member base. WDG was able to provide AALU with the necessary tools in order to better manage their CRM.


Redesign a responsive website with manageable content to improve their CRM and increase user engagement.


Created a streamlined integration between website and Salesforce.


The site serves as a repository of AALU content and was, therefore, able to Increase appeal for diverse member prospects.

288% in ranking keywords

248% in pages per session


Strategizing for Success.

WDG had to focus this redesign on the needs of AALU’s main audiences. We focused the site on individual industry professionals who could improve AALU’s member base. In order to do so, it is important that we position resources that help professionals grow their business and connect with colleagues.

Our team implemented Salesforce to replace and consolidate various online implementations. As an association, AALU needs the capability to better engage and monitor their member base in ahighly adaptive and customizable manner. Salesforce provides the capability to track lead generation and user journeys to better understand and leverage their competitive advantages. It allows for the customization of the user experience, the consolidation of user management, and leverages user analytics.

Designed components on the AALU website


Navigating information.

WDG designers were able to improve the overall navigation and appearance of the site. Our team provided AALU with improved taxonomies in order to create a system that organizes their extensive resources and member information. An improved menu system provides customers with an enhanced experience and encourages the exploration of resources.

WDG designers incorporated various components that reinforced AALU’s brand. Throughout the site, we incorporated their signature colors of blue and red along with their featured symbol of a sea-changing wave.

Our designers utilized bold imagery on landing pages in order to enrich the user experience and provide a clean look. CTAs are located throughout the site in various locations in order to maximize conversions.

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