A-LIGN is the top SOC provider globally and a leader in compliance services. They came to WDG in the midst of a organizational rebrand, looking to better align their brand positioning to the needs of the market. 

A-LIGN has specific conversion metrics – from lead generation and downloads to filling out forms. Their new website needed to handle a complex marketing system and provide CMS editors with a seamless (and dare we say delightful) editing experience.


Convey new brand expression while retaining SEO rankings, maintaining market presence, and increasing conversions.


Customer-centric user experience and content strategy plan to allow for growth and expansion.


A thoughtfully designed and flexible WordPress Gutenberg install to allow for quick turnaround on branded marketing pages.

a preview of A-lign web design assets and components
align web component assets from web redesign
align web redesign components and assets

By promoting content that communicates expertise, explains services, introduces culture & values, and communicates wins, A-LIGN re-centered their audiences, rather than centering themselves. These content tactics allow for both prospective and current customers to convert on all business lines and promote A-LIGN to their investors and partners. 

A-LIGN also brought forward key messages that the site must promote, which helped support all content strategy goals. To support these goals, WDG provided the following content services:

  • Digital content strategy plan 
  • Audience specific content tactics
  • Priority page outlines
  • Content templates to support streamlined copywriting 
  • Writing for Web 101 training
collage showing align web redesign components

In the end, WDG and A-LIGN collaborated to create a website geared towards their users with a streamlined, easy-to-use website that encouraged conversions. Rising tides help all boats, and for A-LIGN, promoting user-first content tactics helped them to reach all their business goals. 

The final site features sections like:

  • Resource library to allow users to search and filter to choose content that matters to them 
  • Expanded services and offerings that clearly explain the value of A-LIGN 
  • Easy-to-access contact forms to drive conversion 
  • Dynamic leadership biographies to highlight expertise

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