Weekly Wrap Ups

Homiera Fields - June 11, 2013

Freelancers, Outsourcing NOT Like a Web Agency

As of late, I've noticed that something is missing in the web industry. There are no real pricing standards when it comes to website projects. At WDG, we receive numerous leads weekly,…

Paige Day - April 26, 2013

KJ’s Weekly Wrap Up!

It’s Thursday and the WDG team is currently in Columbia, South Carolina to Converge SE.  Why am I not there, you ask?  Well, I waited too long to buy a ticket.  But…

Brittany Estes - March 10, 2013

SnowQuester for Alexandria’s web design company

When you are having fun and work with great clients, weeks do fly by at Alexandria based web development company WDG. We were able to get ready to their big National…

Kurtis Shaner - February 22, 2013

Weekly Rollup Feb 18-22

We are already in the second half of February which means spring is right around the corner! We are all waiting anxiously for the warm weather and long days that make grilling…

Homiera Fields - February 8, 2013

Weekly Rollup Feb 4th – 8th

February has come. Despite the cold temperatures, the few times we've been hit with snow we've been left with nothing more than a little lawn decoration. As we wrap up this week…