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UI/UX Designer

You are a talented designer with a passion for digital interfaces. You’re able to ideate, visualize, and communicate meaningful solutions to help achieve strategic goals. You are a creative thinker and approach design from a problem-solving, user-centric mindset.

You are able to present high-level wireframe concepts, and produce high-fidelity, consistent, production-ready mockups. You are familiar with Sketch, and can leverage it to create consistent, detail-oriented UI ecosystems.

You take feedback like a champ and are willing to explore within the direction and parameters you are given. You are not just a one-trick pony but can successfully execute aesthetic concepts as briefed.

You are able to juggle multiple design projects at a time and are willing to pinch-hit for your team’s projects on which you’re not the lead designer.

You are passionate about the quality of the ultimate product that gets built and are willing to go above and beyond to ensure the project is designed on time and within budget.

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