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user experience reviews for WDG

A third-party research analyst personally interviewed our client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript for your review.

Please describe your business and your role/position within the organization.
I was the vice president of product development for a cyber security monitoring startup. Our platform and products are a SaaS (Software as a Service) model focused on enterprise businesses.

What user experience challenges were you facing that needed web experts from WDG to help?
Our platform was designed for expert use. As we began thinking about providing our monitoring service to end-users and customers, we needed to figure out how to evolve our platform and present information in a visually pleasing format while providing stellar User Experience. We needed WDG to figure out how to best interact with our users, engage them to use our web-based platform constantly, and enjoy using the system all at the same time. Looking at security data can be daunting and boring if not presented within a clean User Experience.

Can you describe the overall scope of the web design services that WDG was hired for?
It started with User Experience workshops and stakeholder interviews. We had several meetings with WDG’s user experience team where we worked together to understand the problem and whiteboard solutions. WDG helped us with the UX and UI designs of our web-based platform. We started with brand attribute exercises, user journeys and site mapping; then WDG designed and delivered a set of interactive wireframes built out as prototypes for us to play with and for us to share with real users for feedback. Once we compiled all the feedback, we had revision rounds before we moved on to design the actual user interface. Their process was effective, quick, and helpful. Breaking the deliverables into smaller chunks also helped us focus.

Who was the team composed of?
We met with their Creative Director, Digital Strategists and User Experience web designers. They also added a project manager who kept the project moving.

How did you come to work with WDG?
We knew their work and had other contacts use them for design and web development projects. They became the clear choice after I met with their CEO. Their process, team, and portfolio was ultimately why we went with them.

How much have you invested with WDG?
Over the course of the digital transformation project, between discovery and design, we spent between $100,000–$200,000.

Can you share results or impact?
WDG became an integral part of our business. Our platform now sells itself and our user experience differentiates us from others in a very crowded and saturated space.

They work with many different verticals and types of clients and bring the best learnings from each project/vertical and apply it to the next project. WDG is not a template-based company. I can speak to their compilation of critical thinkers and innovators. I have referred them many times to others within my network.

Can you elaborate on WDG’s project management style?
We were very clear on timelines and we always knew what was going on. We had regular check-ins and in-person meetings in their office. We hit all of our targets and timelines.

project management is key

What did you find most impressive about them?
I felt like we were their only customer. Their upfront design process was really solid. It didn’t feel like an assembly line; they were creative and thought about what we needed. At the end, they were able to deliver.

Are there any areas they could improve?
Honestly, nothing stands out.

Do you have any advice for potential customers?
Let them do their part. Give them a problem and let them come up with the solution. They are truly experts in the digital space.

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