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Drupal is the most powerful content management system available to web developers and digital marketers. Drupal and WordPress power nearly half of all websites in 2018. Some of the most notable content heavy websites in the world are built on Drupal 7 and 8. In the United States, Drupal is the 3rd most popular open source content management system. This popular CMS system is quickly gaining popularity and promises great potential for your site.


Why is Drupal Powerful?

Drupal is compelling because it is built as a flexible framework. Drupal 8 is an API-first CMS, which means Drupal can serve as your a central database to power external APIs. It also provides the option to serve as a headless or decoupled CMS. Existing fields and taxonomies will be available for filtering and consumption within the API.

Drupal provides configurable REST resources to control what is available and what is protected. Drupal 8 supports REST in XML and JSON formats for easy consumption and provides an optional JSON API for better modeling of Drupal entities, pagination, filtering, common core metadata, and discoverability.   

Drupal is ideal for content heavy, large taxonomy driven websites where Information Architecture is critical. For these types of web redesign projects, considering a CMS that can handle large and complex taxonomy systems is critical. With proper business rules, Drupal 8 is capable of handling complex taxonomy specifications.

A core component of Drupal is that it has a great taxonomy system and functionality. It also comes with powerful modules that can give a content strategist increased capabilities. As an example, PoolParty can be integrated with Drupal taxonomies for additional enforcement of the specifications, while also serving complex taxonomy needs separate from the CMS.  

Security is another factor that leads many large organizations to select Drupal 7 and 8 as their content management system. Our analysts have reviewed and published top-ranked drupal websites based on brand, size, and traffic. Here are our top ranked Drupal websites:

Top-ranked Drupal websites for corporations or businesses:


Top-ranked Drupal websites for publications:


Top-ranked Drupal websites for nonprofits:


Top-ranked websites for higher education:


Top-ranked Drupal websites for associations


Top-ranked Drupal websites for government websites:


How Do We Determine if Drupal is the Right Fit?

Before settling for a particular CMS, our developers conduct final reviews of the sitemap, wireframes, and designs. We review interactions, form fields, and validation errors, as well as recommend front-end technologies for the implementation phase. We evaluate third-party integrations and create a technical scope document for client approval outlining the overall process and solutions recommended for integration.

As we progress along the project roadmap we gain valuable intelligence regarding the complexity and the true reality of some of these feature implementations and create a final recommendation for a CMS.  

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