Web Trends Roundup: August 24 – August 31

Lisette Alvarez
Lisette Alvarez
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Web Trends Roundup

We’ve rounded up the latest news in web trends for the week of August 24, 2016 – August 31, 2016.


As August comes to an end and Labor Day weekend approaches, social video has caught on. Snapchat and Twitter in particular have continued to seek new and better ways to improve their social video content. But video marketers beware…Google is out to punish websites who decide to incorporate pop-up ads on mobile. Check out these updates below, including various states of global tech industry and a Beyoncé shout-out.


Snapchat gets major update with new captions, discovery tools, and geofilter themes

MEDIA: Digital Trends

BYLINE: Saqib Shah

DATE: 30 August 2016

TOPICS: Snapchat, geofilters, SEO


SUMMARY: Snapchat has rolled out a number of new updates. Now users will have the ability to animate, bold, italicize, or underline the text captions. Snapchat has also added editing tools in the custom geofilters portal. Finally, Snapchat is diversifying its discovery options, but it still isn’t as effective as Instagram’s Explore option.


Twitter is finally paying its best users to create videos

MEDIA: Recode

BYLINE: Kurt Wagner

DATE: 30 August 2016

TOPICS: Social video, Twitter, social media campaigns


SUMMARY: Twitter going to sell ads and share revenue alongside creator videos. The purpose is to draw popular video creators and their audiences to share their videos on Twitter, making Twitter a competitive destination for social video.


Google is Cracking Down on Intrusive Mobile Pop-Ups: Here’s What Marketers Need to Know

MEDIA: HubSpot

BYLINE: Amanda Zantal-Wiener

DATE: 25 August 2016

TOPICS: Advertising, Mobile, SEO


SUMMARY: Google announced that user-unfriendly pop-up ads on mobile, or “interstitials” will soon become black marks in search rankings. Businesses which rely on interstitials for income face a difficult choice: Rank, or profit. This article covers the types of pop-up advertisements affected by Google’s target January 2017 SEO changes, as well as ways to get ready for the rollout.



Code in formation: New York City teachers are using Beyonce to learn JavaScript

MEDIA: Digital Trends

BYLINE: Keith Nelson Jr.

DATE: 30 August 2016


SUMMARY: One of our articles last week mentioned the problem of introducing computer science in schools? Well, NYC seems to be exploring one particular solution: Bey Script.


What’s Really Driving New Business Growth in 2016?

MEDIA: Salesforce

BYLINE: Liz Shivvers

DATE: 30 August 2016


SUMMARY: “So what’s the primary goal of high-growth companies today? 53 percent say keeping customers happy tops the list.”


Social Media and SEO: When and How They Work Together

MEDIA: Marketo

BYLINE: Nate Dame

DATE: 29 August 2016


SUMMARY: This article explains how to approach social media properties and SEO with nuance.


The Top Skills In-Demand for Today’s Hybrid Content Marketer

MEDIA: Marketo

BYLINE: 25 August 2016

DATE: Ashley Carlisle


SUMMARY: Looking for the competitive content marketer of the future, or are you just looking to be one? This article points out modern attributes of the effective content marketer.


Will AI Destroy Sales Jobs or Create Them?

MEDIA: Salesforce

BYLINE: Jennifer Bi

DATE: 24 August 2016
SUMMARY: Before you call Sarah Connor, consider some of the ways AI will likely change the marketing landscape. Some optimistic changes include salespeople spending more time on relationship enriching activities.

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