4 Fool-proof Ways to Increase Your Meeting Productivity

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Eat While You Meet

Bringing a snack to meeting is a great way to keep you energized and satisfied, especially if your meetings tend to run long, and even more so if your meeting is taking place around lunch time. There is nothing more disruptive than a rumbling stomach, for you and for your colleagues, and we all know that once noon time hits, our minds focus less and less on what is being discussed, and more and more on “when the heck is this meeting going to end, I’m starving!” So bringing something filling with you to a meeting, like a shepherds pie or mozzarella sticks is a great way to fill you up and keep you focused on the task at hand. But, if you think bringing a big ticket item will be too disruptive, there is also benefit in tagging along a small snack, something like jelly beans or chocolate covered pretzels. You can also double this as an incentive. Sat through 20 minutes of meeting time? Give yourself a candy! Just nailed a question that was thrown your way? Woot, one pretzel down the pipe. Self reward will keep you on top of your game and make you the star of the meeting.

Take Your Shoes Off

Did you know that people are 26% more productive when they are comfortable? Unfortunately, coming to work in a robe and slippers is out of the question, but, there are little things you can do to make yourself feel less buttoned up and more comfy at your own desk or while at a meeting, and the easiest of these are to simply slip off your shoes. Keep your feet securely under your conference table, and none of your coworkers will even be aware of your little secret, but they will notice your amplified positivity and go-getter attitude! Take your socks off too if you really want to WOW.

Spike the Coffee

No not yours, your coworker’s! Mainly, your biggest competition. There’s always that one guy or gal who is just an overachiever and always seems to steal your thunder and come in with ideas that are better than yours, beat your numbers by a smidge, and stay late to help Susan the secretary change the ink cartridge. Ugh. In this scenario, sometimes even being the most productive and on top of your game as you can be, just won’t cut it. So what do you do? You lower the productivity of “that guy” by brining him/her down to your level. Spike the coffee. Get him a little boozed and loosened up for the next conference call or team meeting and see how fast you look like the next rockstar while Drunky Mc Drunk face over there is sitting across from you and laughing inappropriately and slurring his numbers.

Bring Your Tamagotchi to Work

Sometimes the biggest downfall to your meeting productivity is that you just don’t have enough to do or think about. Like that kid in school who kept on getting in trouble because he was too smart and finished his work before all the other not-so-smart kids. That’s you! You’re the super smart kid who loses focus in meetings, because while all your team mates are arguing about increasing the bottom line, you’ve already “been there, done that.” So what do to? Bring your Tamagotchi! By increasing your responsibility, now being in charge of a sustaining a life, your mind won’t have time to turn off! You will no longer day dream, stare off into space, or lose your sense of production. You will be at %100 all. the. time. Before you know it, you will be SuperWoman, nurturing your Tomogatchi, killing it at your meetings AND helping Susan change the ink cartridge, all before your coworkers even realized you aren’t wearing shoes.

PS. Tamagotchi can be substituted for Nano Pets.

PPS. Happy April Fools! 

PPPS. We don’t actually recommend any of the listed as a way to increase productivity.

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