WDG Revs Up for GiveBack DC 2015

giveback dc

Help Nonprofits, Improve the Community

It all started with a question: How could we—a creative web agency—give back to the very organizations who tirelessly work to uplift our own community?

The answer? GiveBack DC.

Inaugurated 4 years ago, GiveBack DC is our solution to supporting local nonprofits by building fantastic website solutions at no cost to the organizations. It may be a massive undertaking, but it is worth every second. Thanks to amazing volunteers and gracious sponsors, we are able to continue to host GiveBack DC free of charge to eligible nonprofits!

The premise is simple: we work directly with local nonprofits in the Washington, DC region to strategize, design, and develop a successful website. Since 2011, we’ve volunteered over 4,000 hours and donated more than $300,000 in pro-bono services.

giveback dc

But it’s not just about the numbers. Our goal, whether you focus on DC families or military veterans, is to help nonprofits strengthen their visibility and the digital reach of their mission.

GiveBack DC isn’t just about a website facelift. Many volunteer hours go into the strategy, planning, designing and development of these new digital solutions. Our team spends the time to have a proper discovery phase and analyze the nonprofit’s digital strengths and weaknesses. We conceptualize unique designs that speak to the cause. And, finally, we deliver a customized content management system which gives content managers flexibility to transform the website as the nonprofit continues to grow.

A Partnership for Good: General Assembly + WDG

To help take GiveBack DC to the next level this fall, WDG has joined forces with the amazing people at General Assembly. A world-wide educational institution, GA provides tons of courses, programs and workshops on all things technology, from web development and social media, to visual design and analytics.

Go ahead and check them out. In fact, here’s a $35 credit good towards a class or workshop at the Washington, DC campus!

Partnerships help make initiatives like GiveBack DC a true success. We couldn’t do it without them! Interested in learning how you or your company can be involved with this year’s initiative?

Let’s talk!


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