Website Inspiration of the Week: Flat Design

Randall Parrish
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A few weeks ago, we talked about upcoming digital trends to look forward this year. Innovation is always exciting, but it’s easy to confuse what looks pretty with what actually works, flat design. So when those two things connect successfully—that’s design magic.

Flat design is one of them. In a few words, flat design emphasizes clutter-free, minimalistic, and content-driven layouts that make consuming information easier. It’s the holy grail, so to speak, of user-friendly design.*

Good for the user? Good to use.

Flat Design is Simple

Think of flat design as a 2-dimensional blueprint. It doesn’t need drop shadows, highlights, embossing, or any other tools that typically add depth to a website. Everything is simple and streamlined.

So, what does flat design focus on then? Instead of flashy design elements, flat design highlights contrasting color variations and eye-drawing typography to create interest.

Flat Design
Kin uses crisp typography to create visual interest.
Contrasting colors and simple lines make Curated a streamlined experience.

Flat Design Focuses on the User

Good user experience is all about adapting to how the user moves organically within your site. Every interaction should make sense. Every element’s placement should be intuitive.

Instead of relying on over-embellished features, flat design focuses on establishing a clear hierarchy based on basic geometric shapes. This makes the user interface easy to understand, particularly useful for app and mobile design.

Flat Design
Fitbit uses bright colors to direct users to certain actions.
Tile gives the user a clear call to action that isn't hidden behind over-embellishment.
Like Fitbit, Tile uses a bright color to call users to action, without flashy over-embellishments.

*Keep in mind that flat design is not a one-fit solution for all your design needs. What might work for one website, might not work for another.

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