Drupal Myth #2: Drupal Has No Robust Support System

It’s no news that Drupal has become an industry leader in web content management since its emergence in 2001. Still, there are many misconceptions floating around the non-tech community about what Drupal is and what it is (or isn’t) capable of. As a creative agency that specializes in Drupal development, we know these assumptions are more myth than reality.

Drupal Myth #2: Drupal Has No Robust Support System

Knowing how to navigate a CMS or having support after a website is launched is an understandable consideration for many clients. Unfortunately open source systems, and Drupal in particular, have, in the past, been negatively labeled as technologies that are difficult to use and lack robust support systems. Both of these claims couldn’t be further from the truth.

Drupal is known for having one of the largest and most active open source communities. As Forum One reported in April of last year, Drupal had over 25,000 community members in 2013, and this number will undoubtedly continue to grow. This has huge implications for the myth that Drupal lacks any support system. Say, for instance, you start experiencing problems with a Drupal module on your website. Would you rather have 50 developers working on the problem or a passionate community of over 630,000 developers and users? I think the answer is clear.

All over the world, there are a range of local groups and networks that organize Drupal-related events and training sessions. If you need support, there’s a Drupal Marketplace listing an extensive range of companies that provide hosting, training, development, and support services. 

WDG Drupal Support Services

As a premier Drupal development agency in the Washington, D.C. region–WDG has been recognized as one of the best Drupal Web Design companies by 10 Best Design– providing thorough training and support plans for our clients is a standard feature for all projects. Here are some of the services we provide during and after any Drupal-based redesign:

  • Monthly Drupal updates to maintain a current platform with updated plugins or modules
  • Browser compatibility optimization for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE 8-10
  • Website back-ups

Stay tuned for even more Drupal myth-busting in the upcoming week! In the meantime, if you have any questions about starting a project or finding out more about Drupal, drop us a line today or tweet at us!

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