Our Story

Our Story

You might imagine certain stereotypes when it comes to the modern agency: different cults of personality, millennial talent sinkholes, untethered disruption, and empty industry jargon.

WDG’s story is different.

The beginning of WDG.

WDG evolved from two successful businesses, GovTrends and AcquireNow. Once founded, one of the greatest challenges we faced—and continue to face—was finding the right team of people to push WDG’s vision forward. Adding bodies is easy. Finding quality people is not.

Every WDG client knows they are working with a quality, hand-picked team. Our marketers, strategists, designers, information architects, and developers have made it their mission to not only expand WDG, but the digital environment as a whole.

Pride in our growth.

We are proud to say we come to work every day excited to collaborate with some of the smartest, most creative people we have ever met.  In agencies, though, you must always keep differentiating yourself from others. Yes, we have a fantastic team. We build spectacular online solutions. However, WDG wanted to do more.

WDG not only values close client relationships, but creates holistic impact in our community.

Ab Emam Managing Director

Ab Emam Managing Director

Giving back to the community.

As WDG grew, we expanded our efforts to connect with the community by doing impactful work. The non-profit community had supported us in the agency’s early stages. We wanted to do something huge for those we used to work for. GiveBack DC became our outlet.

At first, we would strategize, design, and build a pro bono website for one nonprofit in a 72-hour hackathon. GiveBack DC then morphed into an annual giving event that partners four DC-based web design agencies with local nonprofits. We have expanded our efforts into continual initiatives designed to directly impact the local community, year-round.

In partnership with sponsors like WordPress and eBay, we have contributed over $500,000 in donated services to  many deserving nonprofits, entirely free of cost.

Find out more about how to get involved in GiveBack DC

The future is bright for WDG.

Don’t get us wrong. Running any digital, creative, or technology-based agency is a constant grind. Agencies quickly rise and fall, but we continue to grow organically. For every client that comes our way, we build bigger and better solutions, learn from mistakes, and push the boundaries of our capabilities.

If there’s one thing we have learned, it’s that there is nothing stopping you from what you want do. You just have to be able to adapt, pivot, and be open to change. That’s the living, breathing proverb we will always live by. It’s the principle that WDG stands for.

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