To scroll or not to scroll

The Pros and Cons of Infinite Scroll

Brittany Estes June 27, 2017

Infinite scroll is a highly popular–if not divisive–design choice. Choosing whether or not to utilize infinite scroll can impact user experience, lead generation, and much more. Infinite scrolling is a technique which prevents the browser scroll bar from reaching the bottom of the page. Instead, the content is extended as the user scrolls further down […]

Google Analytics

How To Use The Google Analytics Plugin With WordPress

Ab Emam June 9, 2017

Google Analytics gives you the data to skyrocket your websites traffic by helping webmasters figure out if they’re meeting their traffic goals. We show you how to quickly and easily use the Google Analytic plugin with your WordPress site to drive traffic and conversions.

Designing With No Images

Kristina Lakeway August 15, 2016

Web design incorporates compelling imagery to create an impact and add that personable touch. Imagery is easily utilized to support the textual messages associated with it, and to sell products and lifestyles. But what if imagery isn't feasible? How do you still create successful web design? The answer: Typography.

What Makes Data Migration so Complicated

Homiera Fields August 4, 2016

Data migration is the process of transferring your data and content from your old site, to your new one. Data migration is a part of most every project. Unfortunately, there is no magic button that seamlessly transfers into its new place. We're breaking down the right way to go about data migration, and explaining the complications of what can go wrong when improperly carried out.

How Color Affects Website Valuation

How Color Affects Website Valuation

Homiera Fields February 29, 2016

Your website's color scheme plays a part in more than just attractiveness. Choosing the right colors will effect your brand identity, click rate, conversion and more! Take a look at our suggested themes and how to pick colors in relation to color theory!

Still in Design School? 3 Reasons to Take a Marketing Course

Kristina Lakeway November 10, 2014

As designers, we are constantly learning and evolving—whether in school or in the working world. Stagnation is probably one of the worst diseases to be infected with as a designer. If you are not growing, if you are not multi-faceted, you’ve halted your potential before even getting started. So when a group of George Mason […]

Must Have Design Tools For Web Designers

Ab Emam August 6, 2014

In my four years of designing, I’ve come across many cool and useful design tools that make my job as a designer more efficient, if not easier. Here are a few of my favorites! Alfred Alfred is OSX’s Spotlight on steroids: it launches applications, finds files, searches the web (including Google and Amazon), does calculations, and […]

Tips and Tricks for More Efficient Web Design

Ab Emam May 6, 2014

As far as I know, there aren’t any big secrets that I can divulge to make you a better designer – this comes from years of practice to refine your craft. What I can provide is tips on how to get to that point of awesomeness by enhancing your efficiency in all aspects of your web design work. Every second you […]

An Introduction to Information Architecture

Zach Narva April 3, 2014

As a UX Designer– officially an Information Architect– here at The Web Development Group, I focus on the Information Architecture and content strategy with our clients. Oftentimes, our clients come to us unaware of exactly what Information Architecture is and how it relates to a successful experience for their website users. To start with, Information Architecture […]

The Web Development Group Named One of Top Drupal Web Design Firms

Ab Emam March 24, 2014

The Web Development Group (WDG) has been ranked one of the best Drupal Web Design companies by 10 Best Design. Located just outside of Washington, DC in the heart of Old Town, Alexandria, WDG is the only Mid-Atlantic firm to have received the Drupal Web Design Company awarded by 10 Best Design. Well known for building extraordinary and award-winning Drupal-powered user […]

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