To scroll or not to scroll

The Pros and Cons of Infinite Scroll

Brittany Estes June 27, 2017

Infinite scroll is a highly popular–if not divisive–design choice. Choosing whether or not to utilize infinite scroll can impact user experience, lead generation, and much more. Infinite scrolling is a technique which prevents the browser scroll bar from reaching the bottom of the page. Instead, the content is extended as the user scrolls further down […]

5 Ways to Create Click-Worthy Copy image

5 Ways to Create Click-Worthy Copy

Brittany Estes January 18, 2017

How do you create copy and content for your website that converts views to clicks? Check out our top five tips for writing conversion-driven copy, every time.

What Makes Data Migration so Complicated

Homiera Fields August 4, 2016

Data migration is the process of transferring your data and content from your old site, to your new one. Data migration is a part of most every project. Unfortunately, there is no magic button that seamlessly transfers into its new place. We're breaking down the right way to go about data migration, and explaining the complications of what can go wrong when improperly carried out.

How To Convince Your Team to Adopt a Mobile Strategy

Big News for Google Mobile Search Ranking

Homiera Fields June 15, 2016

Have you noticed a decrease in your mobile website traffic recently? Google just finished rolling out the latest update to their mobile search-ranking algorithm, and your website might be affected, so listen up!

Expert Insight: Enhancing the Search Experience

Enhancing Your Website’s Search Experience

Homiera Fields March 18, 2016

Read what our expert developers have to say about search function, why it's so important to the overall success of your site, and what WDG has been doing to create the most intuitive searches yet.

How to Be Successful with Direct Marketing

How to: Be Successful with Direct Marketing

Homiera Fields March 9, 2016

Subsidizing your digital marketing efforts with some print marketing is a great way to expand your reach and target audience... but you have to do it right! Read here the do's and don'ts of print marketing.

How Color Affects Website Valuation

How Color Affects Website Valuation

Homiera Fields February 29, 2016

Your website's color scheme plays a part in more than just attractiveness. Choosing the right colors will effect your brand identity, click rate, conversion and more! Take a look at our suggested themes and how to pick colors in relation to color theory!

WordPress Command Line Interface

Trending now: WordPress Command Line Interface

Homiera Fields February 17, 2016

Catch some expert insight into WordPress Command Line Interface and how WDG developers are utilizing this innovative feature.

Email Append – How does it work – In a few words

David Everett August 17, 2011

Email Append is supposed to be easy! – Give your file to an email append vendor, get results in a few days, draft a welcome message, then have the vendor deploy to the email appended list to verify the email appended emails.  Remember – You as a the paying marketer should only pay an email […]

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