Kaitlyn Borysiewicz - August 13, 2014

GiveBack DC Continues to Support Local Non-Profits

GiveBack DC Challenge, Meet Solution Jackie King is the Executive Director of Ramona’s Way, a non-profit based in Washington, D.C. that provides services for women who are survivors of emotional and physical…

Kurtis Shaner - September 13, 2012

GiveBack DC 2012 Review

Learn about 2013’s GiveBack DC event! GiveBack DC was a huge hit  in its inaugural year!  The 72-hour event, hosted and housed in The Web Development Group’s studios, gave three local nonprofits…

Kurtis Shaner - September 10, 2012

72 hours, 30 volunteers, 3 Organizations = Success

GiveBack DC 2012 was a huge success! Our three teams worked late into the night finalizing the development aspects of the websites. The Web Development Group is excited to announce each of…

Kurtis Shaner - September 10, 2012

The Volunteers Who Made GiveBack DC A Success

GiveBack DC has been a huge success, thanks to all of the awesome volunteers who dedicated their time and talents over the weekend of September 7th. With their skills, MacBooks, and almost…