What Video Games Teach About Design: Prototyping is a Must

Randall Parrish July 6, 2015

When building websites, complex interactions, planning, testing, and iterating are crucial for great user experiences. Methods that go into building websites and mobile apps also have valuable parallels in video games that every developer can learn from.

What Video Games Teach About Design: Discoverability

Randall Parrish July 1, 2015

Video games and websites can seem like potentially scary undertakings for the untrained user. But that doesn’t mean you need to oversimplify or over-explain your interface to ensure user understanding. Trust Your Users to Understand the Mission A parallel between video games and websites is how users get started—tutorials in video games, onboarding in the […]

Progressive enhancement in video games

What Video Games Teach About Design: Progressive Enhancement

Randall Parrish June 26, 2015

Before the advent of responsive web design, games were being designed to multitudes of screen sizes and varying platforms. If you bought a video game today, the core experience is 100% preserved whether you’re using a 22” monitor or a 65” mega-television. True, there’s a better visual experience with a better screen. But the same […]

4 Things Designers Can Learn From Portfolio Reviews

Randall Parrish May 27, 2015

Last week, WDG hosted its first portfolio review of the year, sponsored by Behance. Portfolio reviews are extremely important tools designers at all stages can use to improve and perfect their skills! Because let’s face it—we all have work to do. Here are 4 of the biggest takeaways I think every designer could benefit from. […]

A Web Designer’s Guide: 4 Reasons to Avoid Spec Work

Randall Parrish April 27, 2015

When talking about speculative work, or spec work, this analogy from Creative Pro comes to mind: “Spec work is like playing roulette with your work, gambling that your time and effort will win you the gig and therefore pay off.” As the practice of doing work without a guarantee of payment, spec work is a […]

Designing for Clients

A Web Designer’s Guide: 3 Tips on Designing for Clients

Randall Parrish March 9, 2015

“Put that above the fold.” “Can you make it pop?” “But, will they scroll?” Sound familiar? The hard truth is that designers feel they need to exclude clients from their processes because they “get in the way” of all the creative genius going on. But for successful website redesigns, the answer isn’t in pushing the […]

Website Inspiration of the Week: Flat Design

Randall Parrish January 23, 2015

A few weeks ago, we talked about upcoming digital trends to look forward this year. Innovation is always exciting, but it’s easy to confuse what looks pretty with what actually works, flat design. So when those two things connect successfully—that’s design magic. Flat design is one of them. In a few words, flat design emphasizes […]

8 Common Myths of Web Design, Debunked

Randall Parrish October 27, 2014

There are a lot of nuances about websites and how they are made that I find myself having to explain constantly. The details I thought to be common knowledge have turned out not to be, especially when it comes to talking shop with clients. There is nothing wrong with clients having these questions–questions help the […]

4 Elements of an Effective Landing Page

Randall Parrish October 20, 2014

A website’s landing page is like a first impression: it’s your chance to demonstrate the value of a product or service in a way that builds excitement and drives engagement. There is no definite rule-book on how to build the perfect page. Oftentimes, the needs of your company and what it offers will not always […]

Favorite Prototyping Tool For Great Client Communication

Randall Parrish August 18, 2014

A picture is worth a thousand words. I’m sure everyone has heard this decades old saying once in their lives. But in the world of design, it couldn’t be more relevant. When working with clients, WDG designers really take this adage to heart, especially when it comes to client communication. Today, I’ll be covering my favorite prototyping […]

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