Paige Day

Dario Tadić & Paige Day - March 1, 2017

Winning Web or Mediocre Media?

Why is it that designs do not match up with the interactive experiences on the web? There are often gorgeous web design comps on dribbble, behance, and designers’ portfolios. When you look…

Paige Day - January 18, 2017

5 Crucial Tips to Adopt for Every Sales Process

Have you ever wondered why a seemingly winnable sales process “suddenly” derails or comes to a halt? We'll help you understand five essential cadences that every business should adhere to to ensure…

Paige Day - June 10, 2014

Git 2.0 Release

Git 2.0 was just released! Git, for those of you that don’t know, is a free and open source version control system. It’s something we use here at WDG for every project…

Paige Day - April 26, 2013

KJ’s Weekly Wrap Up!

It’s Thursday and the WDG team is currently in Columbia, South Carolina to Converge SE.  Why am I not there, you ask?  Well, I waited too long to buy a ticket.  But…

Paige Day - March 23, 2012

Drupal Development Experts in DC and VA area.

WDG is the leading Drupal Expert in Washington DC and Virginia, serving clients in the DC Metro area and the world beyond. Our developers have deep experience in Drupal going back more…