4 Reasons You Should Love Open Source Software

Kaitlyn Borysiewicz August 20, 2014

As a web development agency, it’s our job to deliver clients websites that are good-looking, but also manageable. After all, how effective can a website be if it doesn’t function the way it’s intended to? That’s where open source software comes in. By now, you probably know that WDG has some ace WordPress and Drupal developers. […]

GiveBack DC Continues to Support Local Non-Profits

Kaitlyn Borysiewicz August 13, 2014

Challenge, Meet Solution Jackie King is the Executive Director of Ramona’s Way, a non-profit based in Washington, D.C. that provides services for women who are survivors of emotional and physical abuse. Without a doubt, the mission that Jackie and thousands of other non-profits like hers stand for is a noble one. There was just one […]

Web Design: Not All About Pretty

Kaitlyn Borysiewicz July 18, 2014

There are many assumptions out there about what web designers are and do, many involving the wire-framed-glasses-and-gingham-shirt, spew-creativity-at-the-blink-of-an-eye variety. Web designers might wear cool glasses (hi, Zach!) and are certainly creative, but there is more to it than that. Leave it to Ross Nover, from Friendly Design Co, to illustrate this exactly point— literally—with an awesome illustration. […]

What to Know About the Gravity Forms Plugin

Kaitlyn Borysiewicz July 14, 2014

If you’re a website owner, or in the market for a new website, having concise and effective content, a functional design, and intuitive user experience are key. But as I mentioned in a recent post about conversion rates, websites have to do more than just list out information especially if you’re in the business of selling products or […]

Finding the Right Digital Web Company: Client’s Perspective

Say you’re a business with an outdated and ineffective website and are in the market for an updated website. The first thing you’ll probably do is tap into your favorite search engine to find a reputable digital web company in your area. But then what? How do you decipher whether or not the digital web company can […]

Conversion Rates for Your Website

 Conversion Rates, Huh? Building a website can be an exciting prospect. Maybe you have an awesome product or service everyone should be using. Or maybe you’re a non-profit organization with a fantastic mission and are looking to encourage volunteers. Either way, in the current economic market, your website needs to do more than just inform users about […] or

Kaitlyn Borysiewicz June 23, 2014

The Difference between and When faced with a website redesign, most of our clients wonder about the differences between WordPress and Drupal. But what about the distinctions between and Last week, WDG’s senior and lead developer Mike Garrett spoke with Business News Daily about helping clients choose between a site and a customized […]

World Cup at WDG: Goooal!

Kaitlyn Borysiewicz June 20, 2014

It’s that time of year again … or every four years rather: vividly-colored jerseys sported on the backs of dedicated fans, fierce debates about what teams are destined to win, and boisterous crowds roaring as their favorite team makes the winning goal. At least, that’s what I think happens at the World Cup—my knowledge doesn’t […]

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