David Everett

David Everett - August 28, 2011

Email Append – Is it safe and effective?

The process of matching email addresses to a direct marketing database has been around for over a decade. Email Appending started as there was a huge demand for email marketing in the…

David Everett - August 22, 2011

Email Append Costs

The Email Append industry has changed significantly within the past 10 years. In 2000-2001 email appending was expensive and very few companies could provide this service. Costs were high, match rates were…

David Everett - August 19, 2011

Who can benefit from the Email Append Service

So the question comes up often – who would actually benefit from the email append service?   Email Append is the process of finding and matching email addresses to a file that…

David Everett - July 18, 2011

Simply Designed WordPress Theme for EmailAppend.Me

Web Development Company WDG launches Search Engine friendly resource website designed specifically for DialogConcept’s email appending service. As a resource website designed to educate customers and generate leads, this website is designed…