DrupalCon Austin 2014 Recap

Curt Seiss June 11, 2014

Last week, WDG’s senior Drupal developer, Grant, traveled down to Texas for DrupalCon Austin 2014. The barrage of parties aside, more than 3,300 Drupal developers, designers, and agencies were there attending various networking and educational sessions to learn more about new innovations in the Drupal community. Grant gave us the lowdown of some of his favorite keynotes and sessions […]

Why You Should Be Excited for Drupal 8

Curt Seiss October 28, 2013

With Drupal 8 in active development, there are many features that our WDG developers are excited about seeing. The biggest change with Drupal 8 is the adoption of Symfony.  The core of Drupal has been re-written on top of the Symfony framework, meaning that many of the hooks available in Drupal’s API are being dumped. This will allow […]

Design & Drupal Development Synergy at CapitalCamp

Curt Seiss August 9, 2013

If you missed us at Capital Camp, don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered! Below, check out the presentation from our very own Grant and Dario, who talk about how UX/UI design and Drupal development went hand in hand from the very start with our client, GuitarGate. Design & Development Synergy – GuitarGate   Via […]

Learn the Basics on How to Install Drupal

Curt Seiss May 17, 2012

When I first started using Drupal, I wanted to give up after about 5 minutes. If it weren’t for one of my colleagues showing me through the process, I probably would have. Drupal is a great CMS and I’ve come to love it but the learning curve can really stray people from digging into its […]

DC Drupal Development in the Nation’s Capitol.

Curt Seiss January 28, 2012

So word around town is that is using Drupal because it’s supposedly the best content management system out there.  Is that true? Clients are constantly searching for the best, for the most user-friendly CMS and, when meeting with us to discuss new web projects, continuously ask, “Is Drupal the best out there?”.  While Drupal […]

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