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As the pioneer in introducing the U.S. Congress to open-source content management systems, The Web Development Group brought user-friendly and modern designs with easily navigable administrative systems to the Hill in a time where Congressional websites were clunky, difficult to navigate and even harder to maintain by congressional staff.

WDG designed, developed, and successfully managed for over 120 congressional offices, which involved both official United States members and committees, on either side of the party line in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

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The United States Congress


WDG approached each individual site with open source technology to provide a new level of ease and accessibility to the content and usage of websites.

WDG provided Hill offices and committees the ease and flexibility of user-friendly administrative systems which allowed for the respective offices to easily manage and update their custom-designed, modern websites. With an easily navigable content management system, our clients within the U.S. Congress were able to efficiently maintain updated websites with accessible information and breaking news for their respective constituents.

In addition to bringing open-source content management systems and constituent-friendly, modern websites to the Hill,  WDG also helped to connect the U.S. Congress with today’s generation voters using email and e-newsletter campaigns, as well as social media branding and advertising.

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