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MHz approached The Web Development Group to redesign and build their new website on the Drupal platform. MHz was transitioning from being solely a broadcast channel to a digital content delivery network, offering on demand streaming videos of TV shows, documentaries and news around the world. The new MHz website serves over 500 videos at any given time and offers live streaming of their international news channel, MHz Worldview.

MHz Networks online traffic has quadrupled since the launch of the new website and continues to grow at an exponential rate. In addition to more traffic, the site has captured the attention of a younger demographic, which solidifies MHz place as a top provider of video on demand for international television and news.

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MHz Networks

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Drupal 7 was chosen as the appropriate CMS for MHz Networks. The primary reason for this is Drupal’s longstanding, solid, relationship with Brightcove (the leading online video platform). The Brightcove integration on Drupal allows for complete control over the settings of each video. If a video is uploaded to MHz Networks and it is intended to be private or only viewed via a login feature; that can be easily accomplished. Another reason why Drupal was the chosen CMS was the ability that the web administrators have in controlling all content and how it is displayed on the site. Drupal’s node queue has a drag and drop interface that allows you to manipulate content. The strong integration between node queue and Drupal’s taxonomy is seen in content tagging. Whenever content (in this case videos) is uploaded to the website, it is tagged and then automatically sorted and added to the appropriate pages. Finally, Drupal was the right fit because of the large amounts of customization this site required. Many of the pages were built from scratch and although this can be done on other CMS’s, it is expected on Drupal.

The site was built in two phases. The first phase focused on providing video integration and live streaming to The second phase began to move the organization in the direction of being a global news source with a new layout that is clean. The new slideshow does not require high quality images (although those are recommended) making it easier for the site to be updated.

MHz is a responsive design meaning that all images are automatically resized for the screen it is being viewed on. The responsive design is also meant to promoted the MHz Networks’ app. As the screen is resized, buttons for the mobile app and the Google play appear on the top of the screen. As a fluid responsive design, the images are based on percentage and the space between the objects change as well as the size of the objects. Check it out!


Technology highlight

Technology highlight