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In today’s marketing world, our clients face numerous challenges while gaining, retaining and maximizing on their customers. In addition to marketers being pressured to successfully achieve their increasingly demanding goals, customers are also gaining more control of how they can be marketed to. Because of today’s challenges for marketers, they are now focusing on bettering their infrastructures, cost-effectiveness and marketing efficiencies. Thanks to The Web Development Group, digital marketers are now able to take database marketing to a new level.

Years of research and a world-class development team has allowed us to custom develop and build upon its permission-based software, “AcquireSoft”.  AcquireSoft is the fastest, most accurate email appending software with an impressively extensive database of unique permission-based email addresses matching your offline databases to our online database. Our clients are guaranteed a match report generated within 72 hours. By controlling the entire email append process within our team here in Alexandria, Virginia, we can deliver a rapid turnaround, quality control, and accountability that our clients deserve.


• Developed and implemented using internal staff and expertise

• We manage our own email append data and perform email appending in-house

• We only charge for results

• We do not sell, trade or give your records to third-party vendors

• We handle your initial permission welcome mailing after the email append

• We guarantee deliverability of e-mails that we provide to you

• Email Match report, delivery, open and click-through report is provided

• DMA & Federal Communication Commission data compliant

• We have the fastest turnaround (48-72 hours)

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