WDG believes in the power of open source.

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WDG are huge proponents of open source technology, specifically WordPress and Drupal.  Both platforms are supported by a large community of developers. This means that both WordPress and Drupal have solid documentation and a large library of custom built modules and plugins which extends the already functionality of your website’s content management system.


A content management system specifically built to easily handle websites with heavy, complex information architecture and heavy customization, Drupal is best for large, complex companies with a huge quantity of custom integrations and custom types of content. Both secure and easily able to handle high spikes in web traffic, Drupal’s strength is in its ability to adapt to nearly any situation found on the internet.





WordPress is no longer a platform just for bloggers. In fact, it has quickly grown to power almost over 19% of today’s websites, both large and small. A hot topic among DC-based organizations, WordPress can be customized fully to mold to our clients’ needs, whether a start up nonprofit or an established corporation. Between successfully handling high web traffic and its scalable platform, WordPress is a powerful open source system with endless features to meet your web needs.


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