GiveBack DC

Thursday, October 8th 2015

Thank You!

Partygoers at Giveback DC


4 Years Running

10 Pro-bono Projects

6,140 Total Hours Volunteered

$500,000 of Pro-bono Services Provided

Founded and organized by: The Web Development Group

Supported by: BlackMesh, General Assembly1776, & GoodWorld

Join us at 1776 on October 8th for the GiveBack DC Annual Party!

From January through September, our team has been hard at work to to get our selected nonprofits up and running with new websites just in time for the Season of Giving!

Come celebrate with WDG at 1776 as we gather to close out this year’s initiative with a great night of learning, networking, and a live fundraiser to support local DC nonprofits with GoodWorld’s innovative #donate technology!


What Makes GiveBack DC Special?

Since the beginning, social responsibility has been a fundamental building block of our identity. A commitment to pursuing profound and imaginative ideas separates us from other agencies, but not just when it comes to innovative website solutions. GiveBack DC is about giving non-profits a professional online presence that legitimizes their causes.

Our initiative grew from a simple premise in 2011: In 72 hours, we would build a custom website for three selected non-profits, without a cost to them.

It was a daunting task, but the risk was worth every second. We did all this—strategy and design to deployment—for the privilege of supporting those whose sole missions were to support our very own community.

The hours it takes to deliver non-profits a digital voice is the least we can do to help them build a solid digital foundation.

As GiveBack DC grows, we have only good things in store for the community. For us, our annual social initiative is just the foundation for our goals to help nonprofits establish their digital presence while furthering the success of their remarkable missions.

Application Process

2015 applications are now closed. The event has passed. We’re getting ready for 2016. Stay tuned.

Meet the Non-Profits

Hire Our Heroes trains and coaches veterans as they transition back into the civilian workforce with free, individual mentoring sessions.

Borromeo Housing, Inc. empowers single mothers and their children by providing education, counseling, and support services while they live in a positive housing community. Over 90 percent of their program participants are now living independent, stable lives.

The DC Diaper Bank provides a supply of clean diapers to babies and families in the Washington, DC-area. To date, the DC Diaper Bank has collected and delivered over a million diapers in families in need.

Phoenix Bikes supports local youths in the Washington, DC-area by organizing bike refurbishment programs in their retail location. These programs teach children about teamwork and entrepreneurship, while also giving them concrete skills.

Ramona’s Way provides crisis intervention and counseling services for women who are the survivors of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Over 200 women are supported each year with Ramona’s Way.

Since 1999, the DC Trust supports the local community by providing grants, worker training, learning opportunities, and policy support in the Washington, DC-area. These services encourage young people to develop skills needed to become productive adults.

Mentors, Inc. provides mentorship services for students enrolled in Washington, DC-area high schools. Since 1987, more than 4,000 students have received guidance and support through the mentor program.

2014 Recap

Maxim at Giveback DC
Happy Giveback DC partygoers
Giveback DC in progress
Videographers at Giveback DC
The Hire Our Heroes team says thank you
Giveback DC launch party

Thank You for Joining Us at GiveBack DC 2015!