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A Nonprofit Web Design Success Story

At The Web Development Group, we specialize in building custom WordPress and Drupal websites that are guaranteed to please visitors. There is a lot that goes in to each website we launch. From the beginning research phase where we meet with clients and discuss the goals of the new site to content management where we help build a site that is not only SEO friendly but pushes out appropriate content to the audience.

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WordPress Web Development in 2012

2012 was an awesome year for The Web Development Group.

In the first year of this stellar start-up, we have:

  • tripled in size and grew together as a close-knit team,
  • deployed some fantastic projects, from design to launch
  • hosted a successful inaugural event to give back to local non-profits,
  • adopted our second office pup, Duke,
  • incorporated NBA Jam Sessions as a part of our weekly strategy meetings.

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Our DC web design tricks

Although we may be The Web Development Group, before we reach the development phase, we are tasked with custom designing the site. This process involves research, extensive planning, and organization. We specialize in DC web design but also work with clients in VA, and MD. During the design phase, there is a large amount of collaboration between all parties involved; the development team is constantly checking in, the design team is conferring with the client, and the client is relaying their wants and needs back.

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WordPress 3.5 New & Improved

Just a few days ago we discussed the WordPress media gallery. Since that time, WordPress has released a new update and in it a new media gallery. Below is a quick discussion:

The holidays are right around the corner, and WDG got everything it could ever ask for in the newest update of WordPress 3.5!

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Washington DC Web Design

Why The Web Development Group?

We are the best web design and web development company in Washington DC, and we are proud of our work

Our DC web designers will work directly with you to create a modern web design that comes with intuitive navigation and a user friendly interface.

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Learn About The WordPress Media Library

Are you taking full advantage of your WordPress media library? There are multiple options available for admins who upload different graphics and videos on to their pages and posts. Technically, media refers to images, video, recordings, and files, so basically “media” encompasses everything that you upload on to your blog or website.

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What is WordPress Multisite?

Many people assume WordPress is for bloggers or smaller websites. This is not always the case, though. We work for large companies, organizations, universities, and more to build our clients professional, modern, sleek and often large websites on Drupal and WordPress. Some of our largest clients (most recently, Shenandoah University) request to have their site built on WordPress.

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Shenandoah University WordPress Launch

The design and development team at The Web Development Group is happy to announce yet another successful WordPress site launch! Shenandoah University is one of the largest sites we have built thus far. The site itself is custom designed and developed by the web wizards here at WDG. Keep reading to learn more about the custom features we built specifically for the new Shenandoah University website.

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Content Strategy: What You Need To Know

Interested in improving your web presence? One of the fundamental changes you will most likely have to make is the content you choose to push out to your audience. Content encompasses the graphics, videos, and text that are displayed throughout your website. At The Web Development Group, we encourage companies and organizations to spend a considerable amount of energy and time finalizing the content, especially the text, for their website.

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Organization: A key feature in successful web design

Successful web design is a key factor in the effectiveness of your web presence. At The Web Development Group, we work with awesome organizations and businesses. Some of the sites feature huge quantities of similar content that desperately need to be organized. Other sites, such as DC Diaper Bank, need organization to help create a clean site and provide easier navigation.

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webdevelopmentgroup.com reaches new heights on design galleries!

After The Web Development Group finished their rebranding we were eager to receive feedback from our different audience members. Previous and current clients raved about the new site, and a few offered some constructive criticism. Of course, this is the audience group we care most about pleasing. If our site is appealing and easy to navigate for current and past clients then chances are it will be just as helpful to future and prospective clients.

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ARSA. org launch—a WordPress design project

Last Friday was a great day at WDG, and not just because it was Friday, but because we successfully launched ARSA.org. When the Aeronautical Repair Station Association approached us looking for a new website, they were on Drupal. We custom designed and developed a website on WordPress that met all of their specific needs.

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Web development for nonprofits- Spotlight on DC Diaper Bank

At The Web Development Group, we build websites for all types of brands and businesses. Sometimes we work with large organizations, like universities, sometimes we work with smaller companies or local nonprofits. Web development for nonprofits will have a large influence on an organizations success. Recently we hosted GiveBack DC, a 72-hour design and development sprint where we worked with some of the best local talent as well as our own team of designers and developers to build a new web presence for three local nonprofits.

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Mobile-specific and responsive design: two different takes this election season

The Web Development Group is located right outside of Washington DC, in Alexandria, VA. Needless to say, in such a key political location, we have been infiltrated with political ads. Since tonight is the first presidential debate, we thought it was fitting to bring in our own debate. It’s one we have covered before, but it is an interesting, dynamic topic that is constantly changing.

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GiveBack DC 2012 Review

Learn about 2013′s GiveBack DC event!

GiveBack DC was a huge hit  in its inaugural year!  The 72-hour event, hosted and housed in The Web Development Group’s studios, gave three local nonprofits the opportunity for brand new web sites and user experiences, all with the help of 30 phenomenally talented volunteers.

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Rebranding with WordPress

How are we expected to give our clients the best rebrand possible if we don’t know what it is like to do a complete make-over ourselves? We decided it was time to take our website to the next level and in doing so, we experienced first hand what our clients go through on a regular basis.

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The Volunteers Who Made GiveBack DC A Success

GiveBack DC has been a huge success, thanks to all of the awesome volunteers who dedicated their time and talents over the weekend of September 7th. With their skills, MacBooks, and almost 30 hours of dedicated effort, GiveBack DC proudly launched awesome, new websites for some very deserving local non-profits. Check out the new looks for Borromeo Housing, DC Diaper Bank, and Phoenix Bikes, all powered by the awesomeness of WordPress.With these new web sites, the non-profits will have better opportunities to reach out to more people, raise donations, and continue their efforts in bettering our local community.

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Race to the finish- GiveBack DC 2012

We are in the final hours of GiveBack DC and what a success it has been! The nonprofit reps are getting their admin logins and learning the specifics about their sites. What’s so great about WordPress is how user friendly it is for the nonprofits. The training will only take a few hours and it will cover everything from adding new pages and posts to creating users and forms!

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